jeudi 26 septembre 2013

Chara-design/Posing session #1 : The Cutest edition

I've decided that I really should start to work, Im starting slowly by simply redesigning and making new posings for my already existing characters. My old drawings are just painful to look at, I've always been wanting to do this, so I've been using the past two days to make this.
I've started with the cutest character from my "knightly people doing knight things" project : the woman knight Béatrice. That's mainly because I've got a huge boner for knight women, I guess I'll also draw her in some hot 16th century armor for my sexual needs.

Pay no heed to what I wrote and the ahegao, It was out of my control I had to do it.

Not enough poses, but this will do for now.

It's still very rough, the cleans (with all the corrections) will come later. Next up is a badass brigandine-wearing lordly motherfucker.

Today's Muv-Luv Alternative day again. Have some takeru beasts 100000 beta by himself while everyone is just like who is this god.mp3.

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