lundi 19 août 2013

Daily Figure Drawing session #3 : Aniki Edition

Still not that good, but I feel that Im gonna master those hands one day.

Since we are talking about manly men doing manly things, have some Norio Wakamoto :

dimanche 18 août 2013

Daily (?) Figure Drawing session #2 : Lazyness Edition.

Ahem. I have been somewhat lazy these days. I had a really bad sleeping schedule, and somehow got into a Skyrim spree (and actually a lot of my armor porn is Skyrim related, because armors in TESverse doesn't make any sense). Wich means that where I should have done 4 sessions, I only did 2.
So tomorrow Im gonna do a longer session wich will involve manly men and HANDS, because Im still bad at drawing those and I really need to fix that. So yeah, hands, lots of them.

Left side is the 16th session, and right side is today. I tried to reuse my HB pencil, but somehow it doesn't work that good on A4 paper when drawing from a screen, so Im going to settle for the superior colored pencil master race.

Have some K-ON for tonight, I had to post this. :

mercredi 14 août 2013

Daily Figure Drawing session #1 : "They told me to step it up, so I stepped the fuck up" Edition.

Summer is ending and I will be on my own for the next year.
Most of my holidays were made of Muv Luv (Meiya best girl), Grisaia (Yumiko best girl), and Gundam (Kshatriya best MS). After drawing some bad armor and mecha porn for mastubartory purposes and NSFW porn to learn how to line with PaintTool Sai (this shit is better than Photoshop), I decided to get started on my training for this year.
Here's my first daily figure drawing session, 1 hour in total. Im gonna post one every day to motivate myself.
And yeah, talking in english because it's the international language.

Today's slightly animu-related song is Muv-Luv Alternative's Opening. It's just that amazing.