dimanche 18 août 2013

Daily (?) Figure Drawing session #2 : Lazyness Edition.

Ahem. I have been somewhat lazy these days. I had a really bad sleeping schedule, and somehow got into a Skyrim spree (and actually a lot of my armor porn is Skyrim related, because armors in TESverse doesn't make any sense). Wich means that where I should have done 4 sessions, I only did 2.
So tomorrow Im gonna do a longer session wich will involve manly men and HANDS, because Im still bad at drawing those and I really need to fix that. So yeah, hands, lots of them.

Left side is the 16th session, and right side is today. I tried to reuse my HB pencil, but somehow it doesn't work that good on A4 paper when drawing from a screen, so Im going to settle for the superior colored pencil master race.

Have some K-ON for tonight, I had to post this. :

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